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Impromptu Flower and Garden Visit!

Impromptu Flower and Garden Visit!

Edit March 9, 2015:   Didn’t make it to most places as the lure of table service at Germany and France was far too strong.    I included pictures from the places we did eat.

Making a quick trip to Disney and I’m once again excited about the food.  My last visit to this was 2013 and grazing the kitchens is fun.  My favorite was the one at Germany which I don’t see on the list yet – but if I get bummed – I’ll just go watch Captain Eo about it.

Items I am most looking forward to:

Botanas Botánico (between the France and Morocco) 

  • Cachapas with Farmer’s Cheesecornthing
  • Coconut Tres Lechescake

Urban Farm Eats

  • Quinoa Vegetable “Naanwich” with Arugula Pesto and Oven-Dried Tomatoes

Pineapple Promenade

  • Pineapple Soft Serve with Sammy’s Beach Bar Red Head Macadamia Nut Flavored Rum

Intermissions Cafe

  • Vegan Trio (couscous, tabouleh, and hummus with pita)


  • Gnocchi Parisien à la Provençalgnocci


  • Vegetable Spring Roll
  • South Sea Storm (Guava with Light and Dark Rum) – also a repeat from 2013


  • Mint Iced Tea (I wanted to try this in 2013 but never got to it) – Finally tried it – its basically cold Mint Medley.   I was hoping for the old Snapple Mint Iced Tea.  It was refreshing.  
Ordering in Advance at Be Our Guest

Ordering in Advance at Be Our Guest

I can really get into this.  There are certain restaurants in Disney where I know EXACTLY what I want to have and I can’t wait for it.   Luckily Be Our Guest is one of them when it comes to lunch.  I think the online ordering system is really neat.

start screen

I like that they aren’t super rigid with the offerings, and that you can still customize:


And pick your sides!


Ordering on the kiosks with all these options can definitely take some time – especially if you’ve ever been caught behind the family trying to customize their meal for 10 minutes, it can be frustrating – especially if you are hungry.  At the very least it can give someone some time in advance to think about their options.   I’m excited for this feature in this particular location!  And my Potato Leek Soup!

Dizzneeland, The Happiest Hell on Earth

Dizzneeland, The Happiest Hell on Earth

Last week’s episode of the Simpsons titled The Man Who Came To Be Dinner had just a little bit of everything to keep me entertained.  I actually saved it on my Tivo which I haven’t done with a Simpsons episode in ages.   Not since the Simpsons visited EFCOT Center have I been so enchanted.

1.  They go to Dizzneeland – there are a VARIETY of nods to the park that make the episode worth watching.


2. They make numerous references to Star Wars and “Dizznee’s” relationship in having attractions related to it in the park.

storm trooper

3. Their version of the Enchanted Tiki Room combines Start Wars with Jabba The Tiki Hut!

jabba the tiki hut

4.  They go into OUTER SPACE and visit the planet Rigel VII.  Not to be confused with the real life Rigel, a star found in the constellation Orion.



This episode also didn’t follow the typical [insert guest star voice and one time character here] formula.   Definitely worth seeing.

Happy 2015! We are back to the future world!

Happy 2015! We are back to the future world!

Happy New Year!   Its 2015, a year that to many of us in certain age groups see as such a futuristic year.  Based on the movie, Back to the Future II we had some well documented exciting things to look forward to by now:


Things not happening on the regular:

  • Self-fitting and self-drying jackets
  • Jaws 19
  • $40,000 to convert your car to a hovercraft
  • Hoverboards
  • In-wall fax machines  – scanners are super slim but no paper inside the wall exists yet to allow for your incoming faxes.  Good thing we moved towards texting.  That said, if I ever lost my job over text I would be pretty pissed.

Things here or on the way!



There is still a lot of wonder and imagination left in what the future holds for us.   It looks very different from the “retro future” we came up with in the 80’s but it still exists.  Here’s hoping that the folks at EPCOT can return some of the wonder that used to exist in Future World!

My 80’s Crush is taking over creative direction of EPCOT!

My 80’s Crush is taking over creative direction of EPCOT!

There’s been recent info about Disney leadership changes and I usually don’t pay much attention to these but this one caught my attention for a few reasons…

  1. This one is related to the creative direction of EPCOT – something I think we can all agree needs some help.
  2. The person taking over this position of “Creative Manager” is Imagineer, Tom Fitzgerald.  Or, you may know him as my BF from the 80’s as seen here:


I mean if the dude who coined the phrase “If you can dream it, you can do it.” can’t make it happen who can?

Ridiculous Crap That I Want – Take 3

Ridiculous Crap That I Want – Take 3

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough accessories for your power naps?  I never used to, but I sure do now!

The Power Nap Capsule

The frame and canopy create a personal, semi-enclosed napping space that can help you block out distracting sounds and sights. 

The Power Nap Head Pillow

The pillow allows users to tune out their surroundings, creating a dark, quiet microenvironment ideal for achieving a deep, restful sleep whether stranded in a crowded airport or recharging between meetings at work.


Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

A few years ago we did the Pirate and Princess Party and had so much fun being in the park late at night with limited crowds.   Everyone tells me that the parade is the best part but I’m not big on parades so I spent the time on rides and they had no wait!

  • Haunted Mansion – the incredible lighting and the actress on the lawn were amazing touches!
Magic Kingdom - Lady on the Lawn
Cory Disbrow

Me, as Madame Leota!  (it was a million degrees in that wig and my make up was melting off within minutes)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Thunder Mountain
  • Happy HalloWishes Fireworks
  • WEDWay People Mover
  • Monstrous Scream-O-Ween Ball

There is so much to see at this event PLUS trick or treating with name brand candy!  The map shows all the locations where you can line up for candy.  Kinda funny to hear them blasting “Welcome to the Jungle” outside the Enchanted Tiki Room!

Sept/Oct 2013 Trip Report – Final Days at EPCOT

Sept/Oct 2013 Trip Report – Final Days at EPCOT

Days 6 & 7: EPCOT

So we all know the story.  EPCOT isn’t nearly as awesome as it used to be.  I know that, and I usually turn a blind eye to it and still have an incredible time.   That’s usually because I’m running around so frantically trying to get in as much as I can.  This time, I was able to have a relaxing trip – a stop and smell the roses kind of visit.  I was able to stand in Future World, look around, and honestly admit that its the pits.

  • Ellen’s Energy Adventure?  45 minutes and a wait that included no shade in 90 degree weather.
  • Empty Wonders of Life?  Its so hard to accept that this space has become the junk drawer of the park.
  • Mission Space? 
  • Journey into Imagination?  Its so lame that its almost creepy.
  • Innoventions?  “The next show starts in 5 minutes.”

That’s A LOT of caca.  Knowing how great it all used to be to turn to what we have today breaks my heart.   You’ve all heard this before, this is nothing new.  I just had to get it out there.

Now that I’ve spit out my grumpies, let’s focus on the good stuff that’s there.  We spent a good deal of time at SeaBase in the Living Seas.  They had a lot of divers in the tanks and the dolphin training is really fun to watch!

Thursday (EPCOT)

  • The Land – Sunshine Seasons (Breakfast)
  • The Living Seas – SeaBase
  • Captain Eo
  • Fountain of Nations
  • Fountain View – Peanut Brownie
  • Base21 Lounge
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Gran Fiesta Tour – Mexico
  • Food and Wine
  • Nap Time!
  • Beaches and Cream (Dinner)
  • Rest of the evening was spent at the Not So Scary Halloween Party

Friday (EPCOT)

  • Cape May Character (Breakfast)
  • The Living Seas – Finding Nemo
  • The Living Seas – SeaBase/Dolphin Training
  • Malestrom
  • Beach Club Solarium – It was FRIGID every time we walked through here but it was SO HOT on this last day we sat in here for over 30 minutes to cool down and that barely worked.  I will never complain about the temperature in here again.  I think it saved my life.