EPCOT Arts Festival – Artists

EPCOT Arts Festival – Artists

There are SO MANY artists at the Festival of Arts but we got to see more work by a few favorites.

Ashley Taylor

First up was meeting Ashley Taylor and having her sign an EPCOT specific piece titled “World of Dreams!” .

Ashley’s portfolio captures all the details of our most beloved attractions, movies, and shows with whimsey and skill. To top it all off, one cast member referred to her as “a true angel”.

Some of my other favorites of Ashley’s:

Dave Perillo

I’ve come across Dave Perillo‘s work at the Wonderground Gallery in Disney Springs before and his reimagined attraction posters as bright and cute!

Luckily for my dwindling wall space (and wallet) these posters are also available in postcard form. Some of my other favorites of Dave’s:

Steve Thomas

I came across Steve Thomas‘ art in the Acme Star Wars tent. The Endor poster caught my eye first but everything from his collection was something I would love to have.

In addition to the Star Wars fan art, Steve also has a series of art deco space travel posters, including travel to Ultima Thule!


We found some work by Mcbiff in the Art of Disney store outside Spaceship Earth. He will also be signing at the booth near Canada later this month.

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Posted by Mcbiff on Sunday, January 6, 2019

His Trader Sam looks awesome!

Jason Tiki Tackett

If you are lucky enough to attend the festival when Jason Tiki Tackett is presenting I am jealous. He’s very inspirational and entertaining in addition to being very talented! He has a passion for the New York World’s Fair and is a fantastic digital artist!

I’ll see everyone for my second and final presentation of “One Little Spark: Finding the Figment Inside of YOU!” One…

Posted by The Art of TiKiT on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

I’ve written about some of my other favorites of Jason’s work before but here are some additional favorites of his work:

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