Disney Jan’19

Disney Jan’19

Sunday, Jan 27

Cold and rainy day!   ☔️❄️🌧 

Mostly walk ons at MK. All rides were running!   No fastpasses needed. 

  • Pirates (1st time seeing new auction scene 👍)
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Tiki Room
  • Thunder Mountain
  • Haunted Mansion 
  • Peed @ Tangled (Peter Pan was down for refurb ☹️)
  • People Mover
  • Buzz Light Year

Friars Nook – Creamy Macaroni & Cheese Tots

Casey’s Corner – Plant-Based Slaw Dog 

Begging Disney Ducks

******* BREAK TIME! ******

Ale and Compass Lounge 

Still cold and rainy and now also windy! Just went to Mexico and back for dinner.  

  • Three Caballeros

San Angel

Purchased art and had it signed by the Ashley Taylor!   In the pouring rain!   I hope it makes it back home. 

“World Of Dreams” by Ashley Taylor

Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake from Beach Club Marketplace for dessert.

Monday, Jan 28

The gorillas 🦍 don’t go outside unless the “feels like” temp is 50 degrees.  We found that out while going on the gorilla walk.  No meerkats either. 

Kora Instrument

Safari (Fastpass)

Navai River Ride (Fastpass)

Look at that poncho glow…

Stella gave me a kiss at Yak and Yeti

Then it got warm(er)…

Gorillas! No Lilly sightings but the CM said she is now 8 years old and the size of her Mom.  

We took the bus from AK to EPCOT. 

  • SSE – of course! Only 20 min wait.
  • Bought some postcards from art tent
  • Taste and toss “chewbacca” Mosaic Canteen – Morocco Chebbakia: Hand-twisted Strips of Fried Dough coated with Honey, Rosewater and Sesame Seeds

Bread bowl

******* BREAK TIME! ******

Met up with Ann who came in from Dunedin.  Had dinner at Big River Brewing 👎 then drinks at the Belle Vue Lounge

Since no one was outside the performers came inside the lobby so we saw the cutest hula hoop girl in a 30’s sailor swimsuit.  She was adorable. 

For a change of scenery we moved to the Ale and Compass Lounge and Aaron saw they sort if had my purple drank on the menu!

Tuesday, Jan 29

The ☀️!!!!

Star Wars Launch Bay

Tower of Terror (Fastpass)

It was a little too much for Stella but she was compensated with cotton candy. 

Muppets 3D (Fastpass) with Mom, Luke, and Stella while everyone else did Rockin Roller Coaster.  

Sci-Fi Diner for Lunch then our first visit to Toy Story Land!

Slinky dog (Fastpass) 👍👍👍 

******* BREAK TIME! ******


We took the bus to EPCOT from AK Lodge.  That bus drops you off very far from the entrance!

SSE – a walk on

We met up with Mike and Sandi and enjoyed some EMH. 

  • The Land
  • Test Track (single rider)

Wednesday, Jan 30

Cloudy, windy and cold all day.  Started out with a leisurely stroll in EPCOT. 

  • Frozen – 15 minute wait so why not?
  • School Break for breakfast

Then the Seas

Beaches and Cream for lunch. 

******* BREAK TIME! ******

(Included a nap WITH THE HEAT ON)

Took Lyft to Poly.  It was so cold that the Torch Lighting Ceremony was canceled as was the Dinner Show but they did a few numbers next to the Lounge.  

Tambu Lounge – BEST Mai Tai on site. 

Monorail was down so we had to take a shuttle bus.   The bus had the extra stop of the Contemporary BEFORE MK.  Trip took almost 40 minutes so we missed our window for quick serve before the fireworks. 

Around Firework time the temp was damn cold for FL

Pooh – to kill time after the bus rush. Too cold to do anything else. 

Got on the bus, not sure what time, but at 9:08 pm we noticed the driver drove to the wrong hotel.  Instead of pulling into the Yacht Club, he drove to the Caribbean!  We finally got to Yacht Club 17 min later.  So we spent over an hour of our day for round trip travel to MK. 

Got off at Yacht club Crewmans Cup to grab a bite and drink.  Not much for vegetarians so I had mashed potatoes.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Thursday , Jan 31

Sunshine Seasons for breakfast

SSE (Fastpass)

Color by number

I got to do four squares of #4!

Figment Art hunt

Chefs de France for lunch

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