Ordering in Advance at Be Our Guest

Ordering in Advance at Be Our Guest

I can really get into this.  There are certain restaurants in Disney where I know EXACTLY what I want to have and I can’t wait for it.   Luckily Be Our Guest is one of them when it comes to lunch.  I think the online ordering system is really neat.

start screen

I like that they aren’t super rigid with the offerings, and that you can still customize:


And pick your sides!


Ordering on the kiosks with all these options can definitely take some time – especially if you’ve ever been caught behind the family trying to customize their meal for 10 minutes, it can be frustrating – especially if you are hungry.  At the very least it can give someone some time in advance to think about their options.   I’m excited for this feature in this particular location!  And my Potato Leek Soup!

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