Sept/Oct 2013 Trip Report – Final Days at EPCOT

Sept/Oct 2013 Trip Report – Final Days at EPCOT

Days 6 & 7: EPCOT

So we all know the story.  EPCOT isn’t nearly as awesome as it used to be.  I know that, and I usually turn a blind eye to it and still have an incredible time.   That’s usually because I’m running around so frantically trying to get in as much as I can.  This time, I was able to have a relaxing trip – a stop and smell the roses kind of visit.  I was able to stand in Future World, look around, and honestly admit that its the pits.

  • Ellen’s Energy Adventure?  45 minutes and a wait that included no shade in 90 degree weather.
  • Empty Wonders of Life?  Its so hard to accept that this space has become the junk drawer of the park.
  • Mission Space? 
  • Journey into Imagination?  Its so lame that its almost creepy.
  • Innoventions?  “The next show starts in 5 minutes.”

That’s A LOT of caca.  Knowing how great it all used to be to turn to what we have today breaks my heart.   You’ve all heard this before, this is nothing new.  I just had to get it out there.

Now that I’ve spit out my grumpies, let’s focus on the good stuff that’s there.  We spent a good deal of time at SeaBase in the Living Seas.  They had a lot of divers in the tanks and the dolphin training is really fun to watch!

Thursday (EPCOT)

  • The Land – Sunshine Seasons (Breakfast)
  • The Living Seas – SeaBase
  • Captain Eo
  • Fountain of Nations
  • Fountain View – Peanut Brownie
  • Base21 Lounge
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Gran Fiesta Tour – Mexico
  • Food and Wine
  • Nap Time!
  • Beaches and Cream (Dinner)
  • Rest of the evening was spent at the Not So Scary Halloween Party

Friday (EPCOT)

  • Cape May Character (Breakfast)
  • The Living Seas – Finding Nemo
  • The Living Seas – SeaBase/Dolphin Training
  • Malestrom
  • Beach Club Solarium – It was FRIGID every time we walked through here but it was SO HOT on this last day we sat in here for over 30 minutes to cool down and that barely worked.  I will never complain about the temperature in here again.  I think it saved my life.

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