Sept/Oct 2013 Trip Report – Lilly and Food & Wine

Sept/Oct 2013 Trip Report – Lilly and Food & Wine

Day 3: Animal Kingdom & EPCOT

All other days on our trip included daily visits to EPCOT and the other parks.  This was my first Food and Wine and as a vegetarian I definitely didn’t go hungry. It was worth visiting during the day to avoid the lines but even at night, the lines moved pretty quickly.

Monday (Animal Kingdom/EPCOT)

  • Everest – I think this was my last time on this.   It crosses that fine line of an adrenaline rush and absolute terror.
  • Lilly!

Silly Lilly from Christine Benoit on Vimeo.

  • Dinosaur
  • Sanaa (Lunch) – I think this place should have a 24 hr delivery set up.  
  • Nap Time!
  • Monorail to EPCOT
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Test Track – my first time since the refurb.  I wasn’t that into it but when I pretend its Tron then I like it again.
  • Food and Wine (Snack)
  • Go-Go’s, yes, the freaking Go-Go’s.

  • Food and Wine (Dinner)
  • Bay Lake Lounge (Drinks)

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