Mid Century Modern Weekend

Mid Century Modern Weekend

Last weekend we had a mid century modern adventure! Our adventures took us to New Canaan, CT, Mount Tremper, NY, and Mountainville, NY.   Here are the highlights.

The Philip Johnson Glass House

The Glass House in New Canaan sits on 47 acres, some of it former farm land.   The Glass House itself is just one house on the property.   New Canaan was also home to the Harvard Five, a group of architects from Harvard – John M. Johansen, Marcel Breuer, Landis Gores, Philip Johnson and Eliot Noyes and so approximately 100 modern homes were built in the town.  I want one.


I have to say, the coolest part was Johnson’s “Painting Gallery” – a bunker that contains large paintings that remind me of a 30 disc cd changer.   This extremely private space must have been one of the best cocktail bars in the 60’s.


Kate’s Lazy Meadow

This motel run by Kate Pierson of the B52’s has “nine atomically designed, mid-century modern suites [that] sit directly on the Esopus Creek” in Mount Tremper, NY.  We stayed in Cabin Suite #1 and it was a blast.  Kinda like hanging out at your trendy friend’s apartment but not feeling like you are putting them out by crashing in their guest room.

The third part of our adventure takes place in Mountainville, NY and involves one of my favorite artists, Alexander Calder –  but will have to wait till next time because the pics aren’t ready!

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