My Grandpa Loved Musicals

My Grandpa Loved Musicals

The man should have been on stage.

**Update, check out this post from Parkeology.**

Today is my Grandpa Carrier’s birthday, he would have been 92.   He loved musicals and was ALWAYS singing songs from the musicals of the 40’s and 50’s and sometimes we got a little dance out of it too.  I miss the “old fool” as Grandma would say.

I think some of his antics is why I really like the Great Movie Ride – especially the scene with Gene Kelly “Singin’ In the Rain”.  What I didn’t know is that an earlier rendition of this song from 1929 was recorded by Cliff Edwards AKA Voice of Jiminy Cricket AKA Ukelele Ike!   The Jiminy Cricket thing blew my mind but even more so was the connection to Ukelele Ike.

I love this rendition of Sweet Leilani.   I’m going out on limb and I’m going to say my grandpa wouldn’t have minded it either.


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