Debauchery in Disney

Debauchery in Disney

From the extremely talented and sometimes depraved mind of Leonard Kinsey I give you two must read books:


These have been out for a while now and its basically insane that its taken me this long to write about them.  They are COMPLETELY different in the sense that Dark Side of Disney is more of an informational standpoint and Our Kingdom of Dust is a fictional story – each of course taking place in Walt Disney World.   Why is it so important to read these?

“I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.” Walt Disney

Cosmic Rays – or how to turn a side of fries into a full meal.

You can learn a lot from these books while being entertained!   Dark Side (please don’t confuse this with the spiritual dark side in the Star Wars universe which I would never promote – go team Ewoks) of Disney offers a lot of information about various things we’ve all thought about – sneaking into the parks, extra discounts, and potential new places to explore in the park.


Our Kingdom of Dust won’t go into the logistics of how to find cocaine in the park but it will teach you a little bit about yourself and make you realize your need for escapism that comes along with a visit to Walt Disney World.  Its also a page turner that you can’t put down. It might frighten you how much you relate to the characters in the book but its a journey worth taking.

So grab a dole whip float, add a nip of rum, and get into these books!

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