Disney’12 Trip Report – Gorillas

Disney’12 Trip Report – Gorillas

The last few days were sort of a hodge-podge with a lot of napping at the Beach Club. The best adventure by far was spending time with Lilly the Gorilla and her family.  Lilly is over 2 years old now and the contrast in size between her and her daddy Gino is incredible.  They are part of a troop of endangered Western Lowland Gorillas with Gino as the alpha male.  You can see them at the Pangani Forest Trail (Africa). They can be found either behind the glass of the first viewing station or to the right of the path just after.   On the left side of the path is the all male troop.  Its worth spending some time here watching both sides because its amazing how they move and behave – especially considering we have 98% of the same DNA.

As I mentioned before it was wicked hot so we stopped at the Dawa Bar for a cocktail.  It is a nicely shaded area for relaxing and the one sip I had was wicked good.

This was about it for this trip. The damn Tortuga Flu had me down for the count.  I’m hoping to get back there for the 30th Anniversary of EPCOT celebrations!

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