Disney’12 Trip Report – EPCOT

Disney’12 Trip Report – EPCOT

FINALLY to my “home” at EPCOT at the Beach Club.   It just doesn’t seem right till I get my greeting in the lobby and a grilled cheese at Beaches and Cream.

Day 3

Since we were coming from Bay Lake we took the monorail to EPCOT.  That ride through the park with the tour of Future World is just plain magical and has to happen at least once per trip.  We walked through the park looking at the Flower and Garden Festival landscaping and went straight through to Beaches and Cream for an early lunch.

It was SO HOT so we stopped for some Grand Marnier slushies on our way to hanging out in the Mitsukoshi Department Store.

It happened to also be the opening day for Tutto Gusto at the Italy pavilion.  It was FANTASTIC for a small bite and we had grappa, soda water with bitters, espresso and a cocktail.

I actually went into the American Pavilion for the first time ever so that I could see the Robert McCall painting in the back of the lobby.  After walking around the rest of the countries we had dinner at La Hacienda for one of my favorites – vegetarian empanadas.

Reaching for the Stars, Robert McCall

Day 4

Why do the restaurant pagers look like tasers?

I started coming down with a cold.  Are you supposed to feed a cold?  Cause that’s what I did.  Germany’s Biergarten, the place I avoided for so many years because of my strong distaste for sauerkraut has won my heart and fat ass over.   There was some especially good spaetzle this year that when combined with apple sauce – was epic.  The desserts suck though.

After eating that much, all you can do is lounge really and so that’s exactly what we did at the HP Red Planet Lounge at Mission Space.  You couldn’t pay me to go on that ride but since its sacred ground I at least thought we should spend some time there.   What’s cool is that the Lunar Rover is parked just outside the windows of the lounge so you can see it up close.

There was still more digesting and lounging to do so went went to The Land where I was happy to see they don’t allow strollers near the door.   Once in there we went “exploring” then rode the boat ride.

After another day of hot Florida sun and merciless concrete we went to Beaches and cream for dinner and dessert.

Its good to be home.

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