Planetarium – a hoihoi obsession!

Planetarium – a hoihoi obsession!

Hoihoi is a Hawaiian word that can mean interesting, entertaining, and cheerful.zeiss

These are exactly the words that come to mind when I think of the new Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Science in Boston.

I finally got the chance to visit and its amazing.  They launched the few facilities AND a robust program for educators that is so impressive it makes me want to play hooky from work so I can go on a field trip with these kids.

Its clear that the new planetarium was created in collaboration with Carter Emmart from the AMNH.  Parts from his “The Known Universe” (below) can be seen in their new digital dome and does its job of showing how insignificant humans are.

I strongly suggest you check out The Sky Tonight show with Dani LeBlanc. For a preview of what the new facilities look like check out the MOS Facebook video.

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