Easter Candy

Easter Candy

When I think of “candy” I think chocolate.  I’ve never cared for fruity candies or anything without chocolate.  Even though I don’t eat it, I LOVE looking at PEEPS.  I also don’t go for pastel colors that often but seeing rows and rows of pretty pastel colors lining the shelves of a CVS makes me want to do a cartwheel in the fake green grass that lines easter baskets.   Things I wouldn’t ordinarily eat – I’m suddenly very interested in.  Take Rolo’s for example – shiny pink, green, blue, purple, and yellow – bring it on!   Here are some of my favorites.

Chocolate Eggs

These remind me of my grandma and Easter egg hunts.  I used to save the foil from the eggs and flatten them out. I think I thought I would do something crafty with them but I ended up throwing them out or probably leaving them under a couch cushion.

“Nobunny knows Easter better than him…”

When I was little I couldn’t get into the Cadbury Cream Egg filling but I always wanted them so that I could break them open.  Something about the bunny clucking, Mason Adam’s voice (I know he’s been in a million things but his role as Grandpa in Son in Law does not disappoint) and that star in the chocolate had me mesmerized.  Of course now I’ve gotten over the fear of the filling and love eating these – even though once I bit into one and it was filled with tiny ants.

Reese’s Eggsegg

Chocolate + Peanut butter = Reason for living.  The shape of the egg allows for massive peanut butter filling to chocolate ratios which is my favorite.

Over the years Reese’s has done a great job of adding to their egg services.  My two recent favorites are the small chocolate eggs and also the ENORMOUS EGG.

Hollow Chocolate Bunnies

My only requirement is that they be the FOIL bunnies.  If you get the other ones they are made with the candy eyes that make them look dead inside while looking into your soul AT THE SAME TIME.  I don’t trust them and I don’t eat them.

I like the sound you get when biting into a hollow piece of chocolate and the sound it makes when little pieces of chocolate fall into the pit.  Hollow chocolate chicks are best but not always as easy to find.

Speaking of Easter…

Chocolate Moai!  What could be better?!  Moai straight from the source of Rapa Nui.  I think my goal might be to spend an Easter on Easter Island and if that happens, I hope to eat one of these chocolates while I’m there.

Of course you can support Easter Island heritage without ordering chocolate from across the world.  The Easter Island Foundation has many publications and merchandise for sale from the mainland that supports the cause of preserving the Easter Island heritage.

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