Pet sitting in Somerville

Pet sitting in Somerville

Last month we had the privilege of dog and cat sitting for a very nice little family!

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Chun Lee

In addition to all the furry love, we also tried some new places to eat in Teele Square!   Rudy’s Cafe has a an assortment of Tequila Cocktails, most very simple with fresh ingredients which is a good way to try the tequila and see which you prefer.   All I was able to determine is that it made me a chatty a drunk.

Keeping with the theme of drinking, we also stopped in Downtown Wine & Spirits in Davis Square who have a great variety of beers and spirits on hand including those from the Ryan & Wood Distillery!

For breakfast our favorite was Renee’s Cafe.  The waffles looked good but I went with the vegetarian benedict with both tomato AND spinach!  The potatoes were tasty and not overly greasy with a smaller portion size which is a good thing when its breakfast.

Once the furry family’s folks returned, we joined them for dinner at True Bistro – a vegan restaurant that serves gardein™ just like the restaurant we went to in Florida – Sublime.  It was extremely good, definitely a lot of flavor and honestly, any place that serves “cashew nut cheese” is a winner in my book.

I’m glad that our friends travel a lot because not only do I get some of the best unconditional love, I ALSO get good food!

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